Progressio Supplement #72: Caring for Creation

28 Feb, 2016 | Progressio

We are pleased to announce the release of Progressio Supplement #72: Caring for Creation. Developed by the CLC Ecology Commission, it stands as our community’s contribution to the ongoing action in the Ecology Frontier, one of the priorities of the Lebanon World Assembly.

In it you will find reflections, stories and invitations for apostolic action by CLC members across the world, including the Amazon project. It also includes a set of 12 community meeting plans for use by groups, focusing on growing in communion with creation, as well as deepening mission and response!

We hope that you find this useful as you engage further the Ecology frontier. We encourage you to share this to persons and groups who can draw benefit from it. For feedback (comments, questions, reflections, requests) email us through We always appreciate hearing from you!

Archive: Progressio.Sup.72(en)

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