Supplement No. 75: General Principles and General Norms of the Christian Life Community

28 Mar, 2020 | Progressio

We are happy to share with you Progressio Supplement #75.
This issue of Progressio Supplement is the updated version of General Principles and General Norms of Christian Life Community. The updates were specific areas on General Norms and were approved in the last two General Assemblies (Lebanon 2013 and Buenos Aires 2018).
This year marks thirty years since the confirmation of the world community’s General Principles and General Norms. This publication is an opportunity to review the test and make a critical reading in the light of our journey thus far.
Printed copies of this Supplement are ready for mailing. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 pandemic – the mail services are closed. Be assured that print subscribers, National Communities (via Secretariats), Presidents, and national Ecclesiastical Assistants will receive the printed version as soon as possible.

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