Synodality as a way of proceeding in the Church

7 Nov, 2023 | Church, Progressio, Worldwide CLC

A CLC Contribution

Signed by: one of the Synod facilitators, CLC member

We have begun this synodal journey, which only confirms that it was necessary to
make it.

Synodality, understood as a process that needs to prepare the heart for the
deep and fruitful encounter with the brothers and sisters in the Church, is bearing fruit, and they are

Listening is the first step. But it must be profound and active, making what the other
I have to communicate what I pass through my intellect, but also through my heart so that I may
in a second instance I can share the resonance of the other in me and in that way,
Finally, to be able to reach a joint conclusion. To go from I, to you and finally, to reach a we.

Miguel Martins (Asistente Eclesiástico CVX en Brasil), Sandie Cornish (CVX en Australia); Wissam Abdo (CVX en Líbano); Leo Lima (CVX en Uruguay); Mauricio López (CVX en México).

This could be said to be a deep communication process. But it has a presupposition that is central: the way of being of Jesus who is the model to follow. His love for God, his mercy and his love for the truth are our north in this process of discernment that our Church wants to carry out. Without naivety, knowing our strengths and weaknesses, we feel that we must take steps towards something new and different, which, a priori, we do not know what it is, but which, hand in hand with Jesus, is possible.

In what we have been through – community, diocesan, continental and now universal stages – we are confirming that it is necessary to believe that the Spirit is working with us; I would almost say, for us, transforming our hearts and making us walk together in a diversity that is very rich, where consensus is sought, but where dissent is not condemned, but manifested and defended as such.

Personally, this role as facilitator has allowed me to see and experience a fraternity that I did not trust existed and that fills me with hope for the future of the Catholic Church.

Progressio: Supplement No. 76


Synodal-U, a place to discover what the Lord expects of us.

To pray for the Synod.

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