Final Document of the XVIII General Assembly of the Christian Life Community

11 Oct, 2023 | World Assembly, Worldwide CLC

On 2 October 2023, the World Executive Council offered a gift to the whole World Community. It shared the final document of the last World Assembly in Amiens. It is a faithful reflection of the joy, discernment, and hope that we feel and live as we make ourselves available to listen to the Spirit.

It is a living document that will evolve as it becomes our own in each concrete reality. We invite you to pray, reflect and allow it to penetrate within you.

This document will give a new impulse to our spiritual, community and apostolic life, encouraging us to continue deepening our identity, sharing our Ignatian spirituality from our lay vocation and going forth in the service of those most in need, always working with the Lord in the building of the Kingdom. Anchored in our hope, which is Christ, we recognize ourselves as a lay, Ignatian and apostolic community.

Enjoy this final document and the images included as an Annex.



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