A platform for linking local CLC action on the Ecology Frontier

20 May, 2015 | Ecology, News

On Local Action
Our national communities have been initiating local efforts to respond to Laudato Si. Much of the efforts have been in the form of prayer and reflection spaces; in others, National assemblies have focused on the theme of Ecology, and have produced some materials and action steps for national action. Local action continues to be relevant because these give the necessary contextual and cultural characteristics for effective action.

Our Local Efforts Linked Together
Currently, through the efforts of the CLC Ecology Commission, we have linked with the Global Catholic Climate Movement (GCCM)- a network of Catholic communities, organizations and partners who would like to unite various local and global efforts under a common platform. Common actions that we encourage CLC participation through GCCM are:

•Signing a petition for leaders to keep the temperature rise below 1.5C
•COP21 Paris Climate Summit Prayer (which can be done individually, or by communities)
•Global Climate March (Nov 29)

This is currently our platform for united action. We strongly encourage you to link your CLC activities in the Ecology Frontier (whether it be vigils, advocacy letters and other apostolic action) with this in mind, and to register as CLC groups in their website: http://catholicclimatemovement.global/take-action/ . By doing this, we connect beyond our world CLC community and move closer to actual global common action.

As local communities, we are encouraged to continue our locally discerned callings and responses to our Ecology Frontier. But know that we are part of a larger-spanning endeavor to care for our common home, through GCCM, and the larger human community.

Please do not hesitate to share your actions and invitations via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/CVX-CLC-6562037665/ . And check our site for important World CLC updates: http://cvx-clc.net/

Let us continue to pray together for each other and our world.

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