At the Frontiers with Asylum Seekers

20 May, 2015 | Globalisation & poverty, News

European CLC, CVX-LMS Italy and CLC Migration Network propose a permanent experiential camp in Sicily, alongside asylum seekers hosted in the reception centers of the “Saint John the Baptist” Foundation of Ragusa.

We intend to be present where the migrants come in and search the first aid in Italy. According to G.P. 8 and “aware of the pressing need to work for justice through a preferential option for the poor, and a simple lifestyle that manifests our freedom and our solidarity with them,” with this project CLC / LMS seeks a dual purpose:
 be neighbour to each other in difficulty,
 make those who work for justice do not feel alone.

The experience is offered to young people, but not only, belonging to the European CLC or interested to get involved actively in the work with migrants.

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