Join the second worldwide edition of the Lenten Scratch Card 2020!

5 Jun, 2019 | Noticias

The Lenten Scratch Card is an international event of the Christian Life Community in Poland organized since 2015. Every year on Ash Wednesday, hundreds of thousands of people in Poland and abroad receive a Scratch Card from friends, priests or animators.
The aim of our action is leading participants to arrangement their lives, relationships with God, relatives and themselves. The innovative form of a Scratch Card helps in the regular doing of the proposed spiritual exercises. “The Lenten Scratch Card” is a colorful card that hides 40 tasks for each day of Lent. This tasks are proposals for prayers, meetings, reflections and inspiring activities that can be taken by people of all ages.
The Lenten Scratch Card is an ideal form of preparation for Easter for communities, parishes, families and individuals in a various state of life.
So far, almost million people in Poland, China and Taiwan have discovered exciting tasks for the spirit and the body. We want the Lenten Scratch Card to be available all over the world in 2025.
Let’s do the second international Lenten Scratch Card together!
For more information about the global campaign and the possibility of organizing the international edition of the Lenten Scratch Card in your country, please visit the website:
Join us! Please write!

We are waiting for contact by October 24th, 2019
Coordinator / CLC Member in Poland
Wojciech Koczorowski

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