Ignatius 500

5 Nov, 2020 | News, Youth

CLC-CVX wants to join Ignatius 500, the celebration that marks the 500th anniversary of St. Ignatius’s conversion, with an international youth gathering in Loyola.
The Ignatian charisma so prized by Society of Jesus and shared by many has spread throughout many corners of the planet, and resonates with youth in a very special way.
In the gathering, young people will be able to experience their own conversion, as a reflection of St. Ignatius’s own personal transformation.
In keeping with Ignatius’s own experience, we will experience the Wound, just as today we face a wounded world in which so many are suffering.
Guided by the imagery of Ignatius’s experience, there will be the symbolic Tower of his house, recalling the strength that compels us to go forth and discern which frontiers we are called to inhabit.
As Ignatius did, we’ll go on a Pilgrimage, to encounter others along the way and build God’s Kingdom with others and for all.
And finally we’ll experience the Celebration alongside the entire Ignatian family, before going back to our countries of origin, confident that we have forged bonds with new friends in the Lord, offering all we are and in the hope of serving better wherever we are.
All of this in order to embrace the world, seeking to ease His creatures’ suffering, in the manner of St. Ignatius.
We’ll be joined by experts, Jesuits and CLC-CVX members, who will accompany us on this journey by sharing their knowledge and experience. And we will also receive the visit and message of the Society’s Superior General Arturo Sosa.
So, don’t miss all the information we’ll be sharing on our Social Media!

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