Advent Calendar

3 Oct, 2020 | News

In a year when the pandemic is putting us to the test as a society and as individuals, when everything feels new and difficult, Christians are called to renew hope – both ours and the world’s. However, as befitting, we do want to prepare for the arrival of the Christ Child who brings good tidings for everyone. Which is why for the last couple of years we have been bringing you our Advent Calendar.
It is a calendar that can be followed on Social Media and which reaches as far as these networks do. Honduras, Germany, Mexico, Canada and Japan are just some of the places where people have been preparing Christmas with the help of this calendar, which is available in Spanish and English. We hope to add French soon.
If you belong to any movement, parish, community, school, etc. and you would like to receive all the material, information, publications, and challenges to plan your Advent with us, fill out the following form:

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