CLC Mauritius celebrates 25 years of existence in 2024

19 Dec, 2023 | Worldwide CLC

CLC in Mauritius

I would like to come back to you to give you a little more information about the prospects that the community is about to experience in the coming year. We are restructuring the CLs of our regions.

This is to balance the number of people and also because of the lack of companions. Our ecclesiastical assistant, Fr. Sylvain Victoire, is holding regional meetings with the companions. As Fr. Victoire points out, this approach is more than necessary because it will bring more richness and life to sharing and companionship, so we need to ask for the grace of holy indifference to welcome this change and dare to go out into the open sea with confidence, hope and creative joy. The 2024 calendar includes the formation of leaders and companions with a view to deepening our CL exchanges.

In preparation for our 25th anniversary, we are preparing to make our national community a community that lives a journey based on three pillars: Ignatian, lay and apostolic.

We are becoming aware of our weaknesses and we give thanks that it is through these same weaknesses that the Spirit will lead us to discernment and a path filled with hope. This comes at a time when we can learn from other communities around the world by creating this digital platform to bring together and unite companions worldwide. This is a promising opening like the pilgrimage of a pilgrimage to the promised land. Formation in community is a means to give us more tools in our mission as Christians in the Church and in the world. In the retreats offered throughout the year in groups of 30 people, it is an event that I know goes well. The companions have in their hearts this deep desire to experience this time of pause and teaching in their personal and spiritual journey.

We have also just welcomed new colleagues in October 2023, at the end of the hosting period. There are just under 30 This is a source of hope for the development of the community, where young and old interact with respect and joy.

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