CLC in Florida (USA) reflects on our role in Synodality

7 Mar, 2024 | Church

The CLC in the South Florida Region and the Ignatian Spirituality Center of Miami presented the Conference ‘Paths of Synodality in the Church Today, What is our contribution as CLC members?’.

It was presented in Spanish by Mauricio López, Coordinator of Facilitators of the First Session of the Synod of Synodality, Vice President of the Ecclesial Conference of the Amazon CEAMA, and World President of the CLC 2013-2018.

It was a very special experience and, at the same time, very synodal because we could ‘walk together.’ Over 180 participants from the United States and several Latin American countries connected in person, via Zoom, Facebook, and YouTube.

We began by celebrating the Eucharist, led by Father Marcelino Garcia, SJ. This was the best moment of the night since the Holy Trinity and our Lady of the Camino were the ones who led and accompanied us during the journey of the Caminos of Synodality that, until now, the Universal Church has been living as the People of God, members of the Body of Christ.

Mauricio López, with great simplicity, knew how to transmit every moment that has lived since the beginning of the Synod of Synodality and the stages that have traveled until now. ‘Listening’ has been the basis of this communal discernment on the path “that God expects of the Church of the third millennium.”

At the end of the presentation, a space was opened for comments and questions, in which the participants shared their thoughts.

The night was closed with the words and blessing of Father Jorge Luis Rojas, SJ, director of the Ignatian Spirituality Center in Miami.

We thank the CLC in Mexico, who actively collaborated in disseminating the event, to the CLC in Panama, which was a key instrument so that the transmission could be carried out, and to all the people who honored us with their physical and virtual presence.

God bless you.

South Florida Region


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