CLC Global Formation Encounter

16 Oct, 2021 | News

On Saturday 16th October we started the journey that will lead us to the CLC Global Formation Encounter in August 2022 in Manresa, Spain. The motto we have chosen for the meeting is a phrase of Ignatius of Loyola: “Following you, Lord, I will not be able to get lost”.
In this first (of three) meeting for Zoom, we gathered 150 people from more than 60 national communities.
We began the meeting with a prayer that made us realize that we are a world community that wants to walk together; that seeks to inhabit the earth from its frontiers, that, like the trees, we also want to go deep into our roots, to share and to go far. We come together as people dedicated to formation in national communities who wish to continue learning, opening ourselves to others and knowing that we need the Lord’s help to live from the Gospel. We want to learn how to guide and accompany others on this path.
After the prayer, we shared a look at our reality in formation and the challenges that lie ahead and that we want to face together, seeking to give creative responses, faithful to our identity. We have a way to continue deepening and working. We know that formation is fundamental for the deepening, sustainability, and development of CLC.
There was time for members to meet in groups and to share, using spiritual conversation, fruits of prayer and what they were hearing beforehand.
• How do I define the purpose of formation in terms of CLC in my personal life?
• Why and what is the intention of CLC formation? CLC formation is for….
Finally, we shared the steps we will take towards the Global Formation Meeting.
We celebrate the possibility to meet, to listen to the world community with its questions and desires and to share this action that we propose from the World Executive Council and that we consider essential to continue deepening, sharing, and going forth to meet others.

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