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Ce bulletin sert de lien entre le Conseil exécutif mondial et chaque communauté nationale.
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2022 No. 1-2

Our life as mission

At the General Assembly in Lebanon (2013), the assembled delegates decided (after discernment) to invite the World Community to focus its actions on four frontiers: Globalization and Poverty, Ecology, Family and Youth.

In the previous issue (1&2/2021) we shared stories on the first two frontiers.

This time, we close a cycle of reviewing these specific fields of mission by asking some communities to share with us how the fundamental message of the Buenos Aires Assembly has influenced their work with Families and Youth.


2020 No. 2

Even in times of pandemic, we have seen the efforts of so many who continue to bet on creativity and wish to remain united, in community, sharing, celebrating, accompanying. And perhaps that is why Adolfo Nicolás said: “The Christian is essentially communitarian. Wherever he goes he creates community, because he accepts, forgives, rejoices, supports, and endures”. Let us continue to create community.


2020 No. 1

It has become a time to rediscover the important things inside our hearts, and to realize that despite the individual circumstances which we are all experiencing, we can all feel our days with deep meaning, and with a prayer that carries trust and hope: We shall embrace again.


2019 No. 1 & 2

This issue of Progressio stands as a communal remembrance of the days of the 2018 World Assembly in Buenos Aires.


2018 No. 1

Glimpses for Contemplating an Apostolic Body.

  • A Body in Movement…
  • Meeting of leaders of ecclesial movements…
  • A Discerning Path in Mission – CLC Uruguay.
  • Reaching out to the Youth of Asia.
    And more…

2017 No. 2

Reflections on Family, Amoris Laetitia and our CLC way of life.

  • The Father’s Role.
  • Some Ignatian Tools to Support Purposeful Parenting.
  • Amoris laetitia and the divorced who remarry.
  • How to talk to children about God.
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