The 2013 CLC World Assembly, held in Lebanon in August of that year, had as its theme “From our roots to the borders”. In this Assembly, four frontiers were identified: Ecology, Family, Globalization and Poverty, and Youth. In parallel, our objective is also to offer Ignatian Spirituality and, from it, help us grow in our Christian, ecclesial, Ignatian, personal and community vocation.



We view caring for our common home as a mission, renewing our relationship with the Creator and all of creation through celebration, conversion, and commitment together.


Réalités familiales

Our goal is to help the growth and fullness of family life. Nous accompagnons les familles, notamment celles en situation difficile ou vulnérable, en tenant compte des nouvelles réalités familiales et des différentes étapes de la vie familiale.


Mondialisation et pauvreté

We try to accompany and articulate the common mission in the field of impoverishment and exclusion, seeking new and better responses to this changing reality.



We try to make available to young people today resources and means to get closer to God. Cette approche est recherchée dans la spiritualité ignatienne, qui contient une expérience personnelle de rencontre avec Dieu, une expérience communautaire et une impulsion pour répondre à l’appel à transformer la société en clés de réconciliation et de justice.



We offer to deepen the Ignatian charism of CLC, offering Ignatian Spirituality in all its depth, sharing specific aspects and from there helping us grow and mature spiritually in our Christian, ecclesial, Ignatian, personal and community vocation from CLC.