Faithful Servants of the Grace

Tribute to men and women, religious and lay that have built our World Community.
"We are working on a project that we do not own because it started centuries ago as a grace form God's heart" José Reyes
"A community in which those who serve it are changed is a community which is alive and which is blessed by the Lord" Tobie Zakia


From our Roots

As mentioned in the GP 1 “Out of love the Word was incarnate…This gift of God to us, and our response, continues to this day through the influence of the Holy Spirit”. We as Christian Life Community have been invited to participate in the fight against the Bad Spirit and bring the Good News to the world. Each World Assembly allows us to purify and deepen our identity and mission.


CVX-CLC Answering some calls

Our first mission is the ordinary life, finding and serving God in all our daily activities as work, family, studies, etc
Our apostolic life, through institutions, can be extended and complements that first mission. This video shows some Works or Apostolic Activities of CLC around the world.